• Investment results are produced through a constant focus on risk
  • Many big Wall Street firms and their army of salesmen have become driven by the profit motive and not the financial well being of their clients
  • This broken and conflict ridden industry model calls for a new way forward built on independence and attention to fiduciary responsibility
  • Our firm began with a mission to put wealth preservation ahead of products
  • Most mutual funds marketed to the public underperform and over charge; as a result, these high cost investment products may pose a serious threat to successful long-term asset growth
  • Transparency and clarity are essential ingredients in the investment process
  • You can learn a great deal about market fluctuations from studying market history
  • In 2000, US equities entered a structural bear market.  Historically, these periods of extremely low annualized returns have lasted between fifteen and twenty years
  • Commodity prices are most likely in a structural bull market cycle and can be an effective hedge against future inflation risks
  • Sector risk analysis and worldwide capital diversification may be more important than individual stock selection
  • Gold is a currency and good barometer of market confidence in Central Bankers
  • Total return investing can be defined by viewing capital appreciation as a component of income and treating cash/foreign currencies/precious metals as an asset class
  • Tactically managed income portfolios may provide better return than traditional "balanced" stock and bond investing; this is especially true in an inflationary environment